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Tile Flooring in St. John, NB

bathroom tile flooring in st. johnImprove the looks of every room in your house by adding tile flooring. Our flooring store carries a wide range of high-quality, versatile tile floors suitable for any style or environment, and with tile floor installation by professionals, they’re sure to last for many long years. Whether you’re enhancing your home for your family’s benefit or increasing your property’s real estate value, porcelain and ceramic tile flooring are great options for everyone.

You’ll never have to settle for second-best when you choose from our ceramic and porcelain tile selection. We carry a full selection of colors, textures, and styles, so we’re sure to have something to suit your home perfectly. Choose from popular brands such as Casa Roma™, Olympia™, Mannington, and Shaw. You’re able to enjoy all the beauty and benefits of durable, water-resistant tile flooring by scheduling installation today.

Tile Floors are Perfect for Any Room

Ceramic and porcelain tile floors are water-resistant, durable, and an excellent flooring material for allergy and asthma sufferers. While these materials used to be mainly for the bathroom, kitchen, and patio areas, they have become popular flooring choices for every room in the house due to their wide range of colors and styles. Unlike other flooring materials, these do not allow dirt and dust to cling to them, making them easy to clean.

Due to their water and spill resistance, ceramic and porcelain tile floors are an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and patio areas. As long as you promptly clean up any spills, your floors should not be damaged. Best of all, tile floors are perfect for outdoor entertainment areas because porcelain will not crack or shrink in extreme temperatures.

Tile Floor Installation by Professionals

While our tile floor collections offer almost infinite design and layout options, they can be tricky to install without proper training. By scheduling tile floor installation with our professionals, you’re assured that your tiles will be installed in a watertight, straight, and level manner. No matter what design or color combination you choose, our installers are able to make it look wonderful. With proper installation and regular maintenance of your new floors, you’re able to enjoy their great looks and durability for many long years.

Easy Maintenance of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Porcelain and ceramic tile flooring are easy to maintain, making them ideal for busy families or anyone who simply doesn’t want to devote hours each week to cleaning their floors. In most cases, tile floors require minimal maintenance. Simply sweep any sand or dirt promptly, as these can cause your tiles to look cloudy or dull. Tile flooring doesn’t require intensive cleaning routines such as steaming, vacuuming, or harsh chemicals.

For more in-depth cleaning of your porcelain or ceramic floors, we recommend using a simple, mild baking soda and water cleaning solution as well as a non-abrasive cloth to avoid scraping the glaze or coating. Your tile floors may have protective coating on the tiles and grout to provide even more protection from chemicals, dirt, and general traffic, so be sure to use mild detergents when cleaning to avoid damaging the coating.


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