Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring in St. John, NB

kitchen hardwood flooring in st. johnChoose elegance and beauty for your new flooring selection. Perfect for virtually any room in the house, hardwood flooring is a solid option for any interior style. Whether you’re going for old-world rustic charm, timeless beauty, or a more modern look, hardwood is a versatile and fitting choice for any interior decor. With a huge selection to choose from and great hardwood flooring prices, there’s no better place than here to get your new floors.

Our friendly staff is always available to schedule hardwood flooring installation and help you choose the perfect hardwood floor for your home improvement project. Whether you’re converting your entire home to hardwood floors to increase its real estate value or simply renovating one room for fun, this flooring is a long-lasting and valuable option. In addition, we are happy to guide you every step of the way—from selection to design to installation.

Options on Hardwood Flooring Prices and Selections

With a full range of choices from trusted brands, including Dubeau™, Lauzon™, and Goodfellow™ as well as outstanding hardwood flooring prices, our store is your top choice when you need new high-end flooring. Due to its organic nature, every piece of wood flooring is completely unique and adds real depth and class to any room. For an elegant look, select a dark, high-gloss species of wood. If you prefer a rustic cabin-like feel, go for a lighter colored wood with visible grain patterns.

No matter what type of wood species you choose, you’re sure to appreciate the warmth and character it adds to any room. In addition to its natural beauty and versatility, these floors are easy to clean and even help cut down on the amount of dust in a room. This makes it an ideal option for homes with allergy and asthma sufferers.

Hardwood Flooring Installation by Professionals

Make sure your stunning new floors last as long as possible by scheduling hardwood flooring installation by our team of thoroughly trained professionals. We’re able to properly and quickly install your hardwood floors so that they are even, level, and sure to last for many decades. Hardwood is an extremely sturdy and long-lasting flooring material, making it a favorite in houses around the world for centuries. Make sure yours is just as long-lasting by letting our professionals install it. This also ensures that any manufacturers’ warranties are not voided.

A hardwood floor from our collection is also extremely easy to keep clean and beautiful. By following a regular maintenance and cleaning routine, your floors will keep their elegant appearance for many years. Maintenance is as easy as regular sweeping whenever there’s dirt or spills on the floor, periodic cleaning with an approved wood-cleaning solution, and occasional resurfacing.

Hardwood resurfacing is generally only necessary in cases of extreme wear and tear or after many decades of regular use. Our staff is always happy to advise you further on how best to care for your new hardwood floors. By promptly wiping up spills and keeping dirt off the surface, your hardwood flooring is sure to stay beautiful.


Contact us to schedule hardwood flooring installation by our skilled professionals. We serve clients in St. John, Rothesay, Quispamsis, Grand Bay, New Brunswick, and the surrounding areas.

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